About Us

Community backupFriends and Family of Incarcerated Persons, Inc. (FFIP) is a support and advocacy group – working mainly with the friends and family on the outside, and some for the prisoners. For instance we have parole plan packages, but they involve and include the friends and the families first and foremost. We send information for the children of the prisoners and are planning even more work with the children of the prisoners involving a mentor group. We answer questions via letter, phone and email.

We inform regarding new decisions affecting all of us regarding legislation, legislators, AR’s (administrative regulations), visitation, phones, & catalog opportunities to send things to our loved ones. We send inmates cards at holiday time and birthday cards to the ones who have friends or family who have attended a meeting or called, posted a letter, or an email.

We try to keep up on the local organizations which help with food, clothing, shelter, furniture – for the families and for the inmates. We have been able to give furniture, bedding, clothing, etc. to the local families and occasionally are able to help an individual inmate when they get out. We try to help when someone is running low on money for utilities but are less fortunate in this regard as we don’t have much money.

We are a completely volunteer organization. No religious affiliation, but we gladly accept the free use of the room at the Episcopal Church. They also allow us to have a large holiday party every December in their parish hall. Occasionally we have speakers who address relevant issues within/without the prison system. We try to provide phone numbers for talking with someone, or emailing, during the week for problems that come up & as always our message phone line is answered by someone who has lots of knowledge regarding prison families/friends. The regular mail is handled in much the same way.

All of us have had someone in prison and can understand what we go through. The board of directors includes a professor of criminal justice at UNLV, a PhD in psychology and social services for Clark County (covers Las Vegas area), and others who have or had a loved one in prison.

If you wish to be a part of the regular email list of FFIP please let us know. There are several categories and/or you may receive only “occasional” emails.

Please consider joining us at a meeting.