Our Purpose

Mom hugs daughter.The primary purpose and focus of the Friends and Family of Incarcerated Persons, Inc. (FFIP) is to help those who are left behind when society removes our loved ones from us. Our group provides a forum for open discussion about the problems we encounter. The friends and family can move past the stigma and connect with others having similar experiences.

While the incarcerated person is out of sight we continue to be visible. As we continue our daily routine we can feel like society thinks of us as part of the problem. We believe we should not accept guilt or blame. While other groups attempt to heal and reconstruct the offender we must stand on the sidelines and struggle. While we agree with and sometimes engage in advocacy for the prisoner’s problems, we are a group primarily dealing with daily routine business and daily living on the outside. Because of meeting and sharing with each other our group is able to contend with the public’s criticisms and educate ourselves into a supportive community. This supportive community relieves the feelings of hopelessness and negativity and turns our feelings of love into positive forward movement.

We exchange ideas, educate each other on problems and possible solutions and help each other maintain a healthy mind set during a difficult time. We must live responsibly even as we are of times held responsible for what someone else has done.

We support each other.