thumbs-upYour donations are used to keep our organization up and running. We use the money received for phones, mailings, envelopes and paper. As volunteers we work out of our homes and complete tasks at our own expense. We usually meet at various locations – restaurants, the church at 2000 South Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, local schools, parks, etc.

We do not have membership program, however we request FFIPers who use our services donate at least $10.00 per year. We currently have several members donating larger amounts to cover those who are indigent. This is true both in prisons and in the outside world. We are no different. Mailings are perhaps the highest expense we have. We send a newsletter four times per year as well as birthday cards to the incarcerated.

Another definite work of love, is the holiday party. Many of you have attended in the past and you well know the children are the primary focus. These folks have had no part in the circumstances which put their parents or loved ones in prisons and jails. They are the daily reminder of better times within families. Because of their love many inmates are able to continue daily, to program, to educate themselves, and to look for a better future when they return to us. To this end we feel the children are an important part of FFIP work. They receive presents at the holiday party from “Santa”, encouragement, music and games, food and drink, decorations, etc. It is a grand and wonderful affair and we intend to continue this thank you to our children. We need your help to continue our good works.

Any donation you can manage is appreciated and is completely deductible as we are a 501-C-3 organization.

FFIPNV Donations can be made with check or money order.

Our postal address is PO Box 27708, Las Vegas, NV 89126. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.