Florida Department of Corrections – http://www.dc.state.fl.us/

Families with Loved Ones in Prison (FLIP) – http://www.afn.org/%7Eflip
FLIP is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining strong family relationships in Florida’s prison families

Florida Institute of Justice – http://www.floridajusticeinstitute.org/
The Florida Justice Institute provides support for prisoners’ rights, housing discrimination, disability discrimination, and other areas that impact Florida’s prison families.  (See “Areas of Advocacy”).

Florida Prison Ministries – http://www.floridaprisonministries.org
Prison ministry training program About several hundred workers minister to several thousand inmates and their families each week in Florida. In the training program they teach teach the qualifications for service, spiritual warfare, anatomy of a setup, the do’s and don’ts, ministering in prison, handling emergency situations, and the importance of support programs

Florida Prison Watch – https://prisonwatchnetwork.org/category/florida/
Gathers information and reports on prison issues.