Religious Sites

ACCA (American Correctional Chaplains Association) –
Correctional chaplains provide pastoral care to those who are disconnected from the general community by certain circumstances – in this case to those who are imprisoned, as well as to correctional facility staff and their families when requested. Where permitted, we also minister to the families of prisoners

Aleph Institute (Judaism) –
Aleph has created and implemented a host of programs over the past twenty-four years that provide alternatives to incarceration, rehabilitate inmates, counsel and assist their families, and provide moral and ethical educational programs inculcating universal truths and concepts common to all of humanity

Catholic Charities Inmate & Family Services –
The mission of Catholic Charities’ Inmate & Family Services program is to empower and assist families, youth, prisoners and ex-prisoners to overcome the immediate and long-term effects of incarceration and to act as a bridge between those we serve, the community at large and the criminal justice system

Jewish Prisoner Services –
Our mission is as follows: 1) To provide an international network for individuals and organizations which serves Jewish prisoners and their families; 2)To share information and resources; 3)To raise consciousness within Jewish communities about the issue of Jews in prison; 4)To encourage the participation of other individuals and groups; 5)To make Jewish educational, religious, cultural and spiritual resources available to prisoners; 6)To formulate guidelines of service to Jewish inmates and their families before, during and after incarceration

Jews in Prison –
Resource center

Kairos Prison Ministry –
KAIROS TORCH is a mentoring ministry to incarcerated offenders age 25 and under that addresses all facets of the youthful offenderʼs life including mental health, socialization and decision making

Prison Fellowship Ministries Prison Fellowship Ministries –
Prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, are redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Equip local churches and thousands of trained volunteers to spread the Gospel and nurture disciples behind prison walls